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Dead Sea Diamond Products Anti-Aging Products

Dead Sea Diamond products deal with skin care, nourishing and anti-aging products. They have a variety of products each offering specific benefits. Each product comprises of elements that will help you achieve the desired effect. The black diamond anti-aging night cream and the magnetism mud mask are some of the products that help you deal with wrinkles that come with age.


How Black Diamond Anti-Aging Night Cream Works

This product is made of a potent formula of herbal extracts, Dead Sea mineral powder, and natural oils. While you use this product, the diamond powder aligns in fine lines and translucently illuminates a blue glow which is invisible to the naked eye hence minimizing the wrinkles.

As you continue using the black diamond anti-aging diamond cream, the lines, shadows of pigmentation and discoloration diminishes slowly. The diamond powder in the cream is responsible for skin cell metabolism and removal of the dead skin as it enhances regeneration of newer skin cells. By bending and refracting light, the diamond powder also helps in reducing imperfections.

To help achieve these functions, other products included in this cream include jojoba oil, aloe vera extracts, and pomegranate oil. The cream is the enriched with vitamin E, B5, and ultraviolet filters. This combination helps the cream to improve the entire skin metabolism, preserve collagen and strengthen the skin giving you a more youthful skin.

Diamond Night Cream

         Anti Aging Night Cream

Magnetism Mud Mask

The magnetism mud mask is a little bit exciting product to use. It is rich in strong minerals that help in nourishing your skin. With that said, you do not need to use it more than twice a week, and therefore one tube can last for a very long time. Apply the cream on a clean face in an upward motion and then wrap the magnet with a paper towel.

The magnet is quite strong and will lift the product off the face. However, do not clean your face after using as this will be cleaning off the minerals. You need to let the minerals get absorbed by your face. A milk cleanser, however, will remove any extra dirt from your face but leave the minerals intact. After a few uses, you will start noting changes in your complexion. The wrinkles will be gone, and you will have a rejuvenated, youthful look.


How to Use the Products

While using these two anti-aging products, you need to ensure that you are applying on a clean face. The results may not be instant, but within a few weeks, you will start noting an improvement.