dead sea cosmetic products

Dead Sea Cosmetic Products


Healing Cosmetic Products Made From the Minerals of the Dead Sea

For centuries people have trekked to the Dead Sea to float in the mysterious mineral-rich water. Their determination to reach these shores were based on the known healing properties of the barren ocean. Those that soaked in the water were able to heal their skin disorders like acne, psoriasis and eczema. The beneficial healing effects of these waters were never a secret. They were just ignored – until now. Today Dead Sea products, containing the genuine minerals from these waters, make it possible to have the healthy and skin-improving rewards of the water without having to leave home.


Body Moisturizing and Healing

Many Dead Sea products exist to heal and smooth the hands, face and body. There are mineral-rich muds for the body that soak deep into the skin to remove impurities and soothe the skin, and mud treatments for hands and feet that provide a deeper level of softening than basic lotions. Exfoliators and salt scrubs remove dull, lifeless skin. The mud soaps and other cleansers are perfect for daily use to unclog pores naturally. Applications of thick body butter or a creamy lotion ensure the moisture of the skin stays where it is needed to benefit the body. Creams are even available to treat nails and cuticles.


Age Defying Products

Serums, masks and toners help to reduce the signs of aging on the face, neck and hands. They use combinations of the minerals that correct dry skin and calm redness. They provide better skin resiliency, elasticity and a smoother texture that creates a healthy, youthful glow.


Hair and Scalp Care

Skin problems do not end at the hairline and issues like psoriasis and dandruff are uncomfortable, unsightly and lead to excessive hair loss. The mineral-infused hair serums, mud hair masks, shampoo and conditioner are designed to be nourishing to the hair and healing for the scalp.


Dead Sea Cosmetics

The same minerals that treat the skin, improve hair and help people to look younger are also added to cosmetic products. This makes it easy for women to continue healing and improving their skin just by adding some makeup. Mineral lipsticks stop lips from peeling and cracking. Mineral foundation, eye shadow and cheek blush are available individually and in kits. They contain natural, safe ingredients that are lightweight and look natural.


The Dead Sea contains minerals and mineral combinations not found anywhere else on earth. Anyone can improve the look and feel of their skin whether they choose dead sea cosmetics, hand lotion or other products.

dead sea cosmetic products

The Dead Sea