We really can control our skin! Do not neglect the care of it!

Women in the age between 40 and 50 begin to turn to plastic surgery clinics, because they suddenly feel that they skin aging very quickly.

I do not mind fillers, Botox, laser treatments, and even plastic surgery, if you feel that you need it, but if you will develop good habits as early as possible, then you can save your time and save yourself from having to invest pretty great in a large number of procedures later.

Do you want to wait, and then spend a lot of time and money trying to recapture your youth …?

I believe that in the age 40 and 50 you can look great using the best option – invest in your appearance long before the appearance of signs of aging, to look your best in adulthood.

Keep in mind – we can actually monitor the condition of our skin. About 20% of skin aging is genetically predisposed, everything else caused the environment – the sun, stress, pollution, disease, drugs, our overall health, etc.

Following simple steps , such as – to protect the skin from the sun every day, use every morning and evening serum and cream containing minerals, plant extracts, which is used as antioxidants, preserving your skin and creates a barrier to prevent disease and chronic inflammation of the skin, to include in your diet foods rich in antioxidants, and try not to smoke – all this will help to keep your skin healthy, and you look younger as long as possible.

Remember always to prevent costs significantly less than cure.