The right dead sea cosmetics products for hair care

Ways to keep your healthy

shiny, healthy is an essential part of any length. But if you’re trying to grow your and prevent damage, you may have to try a few unconventional methods.

We recommend using our products, natural products that contain natural minerals from the , , and various plant extracts (Aloe Vera, Carrot, Olive Oil, Argan Oil, Pomegranate and many more). Shampoo and hair masks that we offer to help your , along with other tips to gain a healthy appearance.

Experts like to remind us that it is impossible to change the rate at which your grows. Actually accelerate the growth is possible if taking .
There are hundreds of that are designed to improve , but not all of them work as I would like. Great output, take a multivitamin, which covers all the needs of your body. Then you can not worry about the extra power for your .
Especially like the , biotin, folic acid, pantothenic acid, iron, zinc, flax seed oil, black currant oil, algae. If you want to be extra sure your is getting what she wants, take a set of amino acids.
Your is a byproduct of your body’s functions. If your body gets good food, it can produce a better product.

Head massage

Massaging the scalp for 5 minutes a day, you will make your stronger, thicker, helping to grow faster. You can do it on dry , or use the oil to treat the scalp, you can even do it with shampoo, until you take a shower.
Massage stimulates the circulation in the scalp. Blood brings nutrients to the follicles, and it helps the follicles do their job. As an added benefit, scalp massage is a great way to relieve stress. Less stress = more beautiful .
Do not forget to massage your fingertips, never use your nails. Spread your fingers apart and place them firmly on the head. Start with the base of the neck and move the front line. Moving, make small circular motion. You may feel a tingling sensation, and it has improved circulation.

Do not neglect the cutting of the ends

At least once every two months, to the ends of the were soft, smooth and thick.

  • Find the techniques that work for your – There are plenty of tips for hair care, the only way to find out is to try them. Select one or two, try them for 2 weeks to a month. Then decide whether this improves the condition of your .
  • Sleep on a satin or silk pillowcase to prevent damage to the when you toss and turn in your sleep.
  • Change the brush on natural bristle. Plastic comb the cuticle damage.
  • Use boiled water for the final rinse.
  • If your is very dry, do not use shampoo every day.
  • If you are fine, thin , stay away from shampoos with increasing volume and thickening. They dried .
  • Try not to use accessories with metal in them.
  • Do not wrap the with a towel as a turban when you get out of the shower with wet . Instead, carefully blot .
  • Do not brush your when wet.
  • Do not desiccate.

Leave a little moisture to prevent static electricity.

Nobody promised that just to get healthy . It takes time and effort, but great, healthy on the head, are worth it.