Patch test

A simple way to check for an allergic reaction to the products.
Make a is easy and it can save you from a developing reaction to any type of product that you put on your skin.
The human body is different, and allergic reactions may occur as a bombshell. We recommend that consumers always do a , just to be safe. It should be mandatory, at any time, if you decide to try something new.

  1. Clean and dry the small patch of skin on the inner side of the forearm, “2 × 2” or “4 x4” Et
    and the area is good for the test.
  2. Apply a bit of a cosmetic product that you want to check the clean area before use.
  3. Let it dry and keep it for 24 hours. Attention! if you had an itch and redness, wash immediately with clean running water! This is a clear indication that the tool is causing your allergic reaction.
  4. After 24 hours, check the area. Do you see irritation, red spots or something unusual that happened to an area of ​​skin in the area of ​​application?

If nothing is displayed, then the product should be safe to use. If something appears on the application site, you need to wash and do not use the test product, chances are you have a sensitivity to it, as a reaction occurred. That’s all you need to do, and it’s always better to be safe.