Natural facial

For all of our customers and those who are interested in natural anti-aging .
These two issues are of particular concern –

  1. As the skin of my face interacts with the natural makeup, special attention to anti-aging products? and
  2. How can I protect my skin?



Skin Cleansers

Cleansing – is an important step in keeping the skin. Most people think that cleaning is a simple step that is not related to anti-aging, but detergents and soap, alcohol, depriving the skin of the water balance.
Instead, use a cleanser that cleans natural ingredients such as pomegranate, grapefruit and green tea, which tone and moisturize your skin. Nourish your skin every day foods that are rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, as they help to keep the skin strong and resilient and protect against environmental influences.


We do not usually think of the lips when it comes to anti-aging, but the wrinkles around the lips begin to develop early and this is one area where it is very difficult to minimize. First, because they do not have much natural protection, and they are not great at keeping moisture – we all know what the feeling of chapped, dry or sunburned lips, forgetting to apply SPF.

The area around the eyes

Second, very delicate plot – skin around the eyes. As we age, our skin becomes thinner, loses elasticity, may appear dark circles.


This is another area where there are wrinkles from facial expressions, which can eventually turn into a deep and permanent wrinkles.

Square neck, jawline and chest

Women usually stingy use in their daily anti-aging cosmetic products in these areas, because so many surfaces for precious serums and products with SPF. But there must be generous! Consequences are very noticeable, the skin loses its structure and strength, mainly due to lack of vnimaniya.

what you can do to keep your skin gorgeous?

best strategy – it is a healthy, natural that offers preventative anti-aging by strengthening and supporting the natural structure the skin’s collagen and water balance. Look for products that contain ingredients that increase the longevity of cells, increase their resilience and elasticity. Our products use ingredients that are intended to keep the skin smooth and stimulate collagen production. Need deep hydration to reduce the vulnerability of the collagen fibers of the skin, otherwise they become brittle and break, causing wrinkles and loosening.
Seek daily moisturizers, but not necessarily high quality products that contain moisturizers and extracts from plants and natural oils. They are amazing and suitable for daily skin moisturizing, such as jojoba oil, olive oil, shea butter, which really moisturize, heal and soothe.

And, of course, SPF is a must at any age! Use every time you leave the house – and certainly do not forget to protect your lips.

Pay special attention to areas such as your face, which has a thin skin and is super sensitive to the environment. Do not ignore his chin, neck and chest! Do not forget about them, and you really get a result from the daily worries.

Avoid processed foods and white sugar. Do not forget to eat fruits and vegetables, which are key steps in to save the skin. (Did you know that one third of what we eat goes directly to nourish the skin?)

skin directly reflects our inner health, so give your body the nutrition, rest and love.