How to protect your products for skin care?

Once you open the product for , it is exposed to air, which can lead to contamination. And after starting to use the product by your hands – even more contamination can add. What a better way to store and protect your products for ?

Keep your products in a place where there is protection from direct sunlight. Sunlight degrades the active ingredients in cosmetic products so make sure that your products are not exposed to light. Do not store in a hot and humid environment. The most convenient place to position availability in the bathroom, but it also is a hot and humid environment (at least for part of the day when you take a shower and immediately after a shower). Nevertheless, both temperature and humidity can lead to reduced quality of product.

It is best to keep your products in a cool place, near your bed, or even in the linen cupboard. I know this advice will not work for most people, as if beauty is not directly in front of you, you just forget to use it, but I really want you to know about the best way to store your cosmetic products.