Dead Sea Black Mud

Black Mud obtained from the Dead Sea proves to be excellent for both the body and the skin

The waters of the Dead Sea are exceptionally rich in minerals and nutrients. While research is still being actively carried out on the unique characteristics of the black mud and the waters of the Dead Sea, many clinical trials and studies have demonstrated that the silt or mud obtained from one of the lowest points on Earth can offer a number of benefits to the body and the skin.

Dead Sea Black Mud as a facial mask

Black mud products from the Dead Sea is excellent for facial care, as it is rich in minerals and nutrients. Applying the mud as a facial mask purifies the skin surface and imparts a healthy vital glow to the skin, while also making it smooth and soft to touch.

When a facial mask made out of black mud is applied on the skin, the circulation of blood is stimulated and this allows the face to get warmer. This in turn flushes out all of the harmful toxins from the face through perspiration and the nutritional properties of the mud are absorbed by the skin. The facial mask also prevents aging of the skin.

The facial mask also allows the skin to absorb proteins and vitamins better than it normally would and this allows for the regeneration of a healthy and smooth skin layer. The benefits offered by the facial mask are retained by the skin for a significant period of time, making it an excellent choice for skin care.

While black mud from the Dead Sea is suitable to be applied on all skin types, it is particularly effective for oily complexions with excess fatty secretions.

Dead Sea Black Mud as a body wrap

Black mud can also be used as a body wrap to impart skin benefits to the entire body. This form of treatment is widely used around spas all over the world.

A body wrap made out of black mud offers many benefits, including toning the skin, relieving muscle pains, improving the elasticity of the skin and also moisturizing the skin surface.

Applying a body wrap made out of black mud increases the body temperature as also the circulation of blood. This in turn allows more efficient transportation of oxygen to different parts of the body and stimulates the skin surface all over. Harmful toxins are flushed out by perspiration and the nutrients of the mud are absorbed by the skin.

The minerals present in black mud penetrate even through dead skin layers and offer deep nourishment to the skin. This can also help in relieving pains in the muscles or pain caused by rheumatoid joints.

Other Dead Sea Black Mud Products

Other than body wraps and facial masks, black mud from the Dead Sea is also available in the form of creams, soaps, body butter and shampoos, all of which impart the same beneficial properties to the skin surface and keep it healthy, glowing and fresh.